Are you someone who writes and publishes blog posts? Are you making sure that you’re going the extra mile to optimize your blog post and align them with your keyword strategy? If not, then you’re making some serious mistakes.

In the past, we’ve discussed important issues about blog posts, but today we are going to focus on some steps you may be overlooking when constructing your blogs. You need to remember that content is very important on a website. Customers go through search engines to find reviews and information, and your website content increases your chances of being found through search engines. Even if you have phenomenal content in your blogs, you still need to do more to be found by prospective readers and customers.

First, you need to establish an interesting topic. A great way for search engines to differentiate your content from others on the Internet is to offer a new opinion/stance on a popular topic. This is one of the most important aspects when writing a blog post. Controversy sparks interest and intimate feelings in people, which in turn will result in people leaving comments on your blog posts.

Next, when deciding on what topic to write about, try conducting some keyword research online first. When you design a keyword list for your blog post, don’t forget common sense. Run the keywords through a search engine and make sure people are actually talking about your blog topic.

Don’t make the popular mistake of adding too many keywords/keyword phrases when setting up your blog post. A good rule of thumb is to keep keywords down to two or three per website page. What you want to do is focus on one main keyword and supplement it with two or three variations of the keyword/keyword phrase (e.g. Internet marketing, marketing on the Internet, web marketing).

Now, you need to make sure that you are tracking your main keyword/keyword phrase. If there are under 10 searches for a given keyword, in a one month period, then you probably don’t want to waste your time on that keyword phrase.

Next, one of the most important actions you need to make is optimizing the visibility of your blog post. Once you finish writing your blog post, insert your keyword phrase throughout your blog in specific locations (i.e. H2, H1, URL and title tags). Then, every time you mention this keyword page on your website, connect a link which will direct people to your blog post.

Another important aspect of blog post optimization is making sure to share them on your social media pages. When you apply a link from your blog to a social media site, make sure you include your main keyword phrase into the description on your social media post. Also, make sure to add social media sharing buttons to the blog post itself. These buttons are the Facebook “Like,” LinkedIn “Share,” RSS feeds and the Twitter “tweet” button. Making this content available on social media and through RSS feeds will make sure your audience will be able to view your blog posts on a regular basis.

Finally, make sure to always monitor and track the performance of your keywords. You need to monitor your blog post on a regular basis in terms of visits and page rank. By monitoring this information, you’ll be able to achieve a greater understanding of what your audience is interested in talking about. Look at the things that are working and the things that are not working. Then, adjust your keywords appropriately and start this process all over again. With enough dedication and research, you’ll soon be on the right road to top blog post optimization.

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