When was it, exactly, that things got complicated?  It used to be that companies like Trademark Productions were on top of technology, mainly building or redesigning websites.  And now there’s this whole social media push, which we’ve been a part of and just created several new packages of for our clients.  And social media has moved into the apps for phones and pads, which have become the gateways to all things instead of sitting at a keyboard.

And like all things, there’s trouble in paradise.  Google recently had an issue with Bing, accusations flew, counter-accusations flew back and it’s been quite amusing.  Now we’ve got someone at Apple–sorry, I’m a PC man myself–who’s decided that since they’re not getting their cut due to folks not using Apple’s browser to make a purchase with an app, they’re just going to block it.  Sony’s e-reader app?  History.  Was there any warning?  Was there any indication this would happen?  Nope.  Why?  Because that’s what bullies do.

There may be more to it, though.  This could simply be a preemptive strike.  Why?  Sony may just be the first casualty here, but there are bigger fish to fry.  Amazon’s Kindle app.  Amazon has been kicking the bejesus out of Apple in terms of ebook sales, so if it comes to a showdown, we may wind up with Clash of the Titans Part Deux!  NetFlix might even join in the fun since they allow folks to use content bought elsewhere (i.e. outside of Apple’s browser).

In the meantime, Apple is hoping for a hit with their i-Pad only newspaper that they’re selling subscriptions for.  Hmm…Robert Murdoch, FOX news, Apple, suppression…where’s Jon Stewart when you need him?  He’d get to the bottom of this!

It’s stories like this, folks, that make me glad I partake in very few apps.  I use my phone for what it was meant to be used for; a phone.  And if I need to get on the internet, I use a computer.  And if I need a site update, I know who to contact.  It really should be this simple.

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