Mashable recently published six predictions for social media in 2011 and they’re definitely food for thought. We’ve really been pushing social media with our clients last year and I don’t see that letting up anytime soon this year, either. Aside from blogging, social media provides an opportunity for businesses to reach out, grab the interest of folks out there, interact with them and develop a following. This does, of course, hinge on whether or not it’s done correctly. And it also hinges on whether the social media tools are worth the effort, hence the predictions.

The first prediction Mashable brings up—and we’re not going to hit on every one of them—is in reference to Google’s failure to develop a social program that sticks and doesn’t fall flat on its face. I’m in agreement with this since very little Google has ever put out social-wise caught my attention. YouTube is about as close as they’ve come and that’s not what I would consider a traditional social site, though some may disagree. It’s unlikely that Google’s luck will change this year based on their success rate in 2010.

Prediction #2 is that MySpace will be sold off. That’s actually a more positive outlook on the situation than I have. My thought is that MySpace will just shut down and go away. The one thing I always felt was stronger than Facebook, and continues to be stronger, is the blogging ability. For one, MySpace blogs are picked up by the search engines while Facebook’s notes aren’t. Unfortunately, the stats that I found helpful in order to gauge hits on my blogs are no longer there and what remains is a much lesser tool. Not helpful. MySpace itself has simply become not helpful.

I really don’t have an opinion about Bebo or Facebook going public—I’d rather Facebook deal with their privacy hemorrhaging—but I do agree with Mashable that Twitter will have a fairly flat year. Twitter seems very feast or famine to me; it either works wonders and clients have a ton of followers that drum up some business or there’s a trickle. I tweet, but I can’t say that it’s ever brought me any attention or customers. Still, there’s potential and that cannot be ignored. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’ll really break out or maybe it’ll just go away with MySpace.

Finally, they have some predictions about sites getting move involved with mobile photos. And considering how easy it is to have a phone with a camera on it, take candid pictures that would make a politician blush or a government work overtime to put a positive spin on something obviously otherwise, this will be an arena ripe for expansion.

The fun part, of course, will be seeing in how all of these predictions play out. Any thoughts of your own out there?

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