Today I sat down with Adobe Edge preview to crank out a simple animation (the stress is on the word “simple” here). In about 15 minutes with no tutorial, I was able to make the animation you can see here. The animation is pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript and works in any modern browser and on smartphones.

It feels like this is the future for rich web content. With its clean, standards-compliant code, this combination is essentially the end of proprietary web formats. Let’s spell is out: The writing is on the wall for Flash, Adobe knows it, and this is their attempt to get a head start on it.

The preview version of Adobe Edge is similar to older versions of Flash. You can drag assets into the timeline, keyline them, animate shapes, and create transitions. When you “collect for output”, all the assets are put into an /images/ folder on your server and the appropriate code is packaged and uploaded with it.

Adobe Edge will most likely come out with Adobe CS 6, but that’s just an educated guess on our part.

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