In 2012, I am looking forward to enjoying more time with friends and family, especially my wife and two children.  This upcoming year will also find me turning my gaze inward and embracing my inner self in a warm hug of peace and tranquility.  I’ve been reading about sweat lodges out west and the cleansing rituals that purify the mind and body while providing direction in life with fewer of the trappings society imposes. The new Dwight that emerges will be less reactionary, more nurturing and wholly loving of nature and all people around me.  I will also have sage advice to share that will literally reshape the face of the planet and how we do business.  It may even be called the School of Dwightenology.

May your glass always be half full and your spiritual deity guarding you from the insensitive pandering of lesser humankind.

Happy holidays.



In 2012, I am looking forward to the continued growth of our business, pursuing new directions and opportunities for our company and the adventures that it will all bring.  On a personal note, I’m looking forward to my two week trip to India in February.  It’s my first vacation out of North America and is certain to be an epic trip. Beyond that, I’ve been considering investing in an adult novelty store and putting any profits from that into the Trademark Cabo Office where Dwight will shortly thereafter take up residence.



2011 was pretty great.  Sure, the economy is still in the crapper, and there are so many morons out there to infuriate a fair-minded gal that at times I thought my head might explode.  But truly, 2011 was still pretty fun.  So much to see and do….

So, I guess what I’m looking most forward to in 2012, is doing it all again.  Taking part in all the fun activities this city has to offer, and with any luck trying at least 20 new places, and taking part in 20 new activities that I have yet to discover; keeping it open to new adventures.

Happy New Year!



What I’m looking forward to most in 2012 is a clean slate with a brand new opportunity for growth and experience. It’s so easy to get sucked into the same thing, the same routine over and over as the years go by. I think it’s time to mix it up, have some fun, and really reach out to do some things that have been on the back-burner for way too long. This may or may not include attending Lilith Fair, The Vagina Monologues and the Motorhead/Megadeath concert with Dwight in February.

Super excited to start the year off on the right foot, and never take anything for granted.



I’m looking forward to whatever happens in 2012 and I’ll make the most of it. Since I am not a fortune-teller despite being annoyingly omnipotent–which my co-workers always seem to forget–I can’t quite exactly say what will happen, but I will look forward to it, whether it be new progressions with the Web, the latest and greatest technology, good fortune for my family or starting my own family since I really, really want at least a dozen children.  I also really, really want to be more like Mike when I grow up!



What am I looking for in 2012? Less finger smashing for starters.  I think I’d also like to find out Jeff’s super secret weakness so he’ll pretend to start liking me. Sure, it’ll be out of fear, but fear is better than nothing, especially when you’re dealing with Jeff. I plan on traveling more in 2012, keeping up with my friends, continuing to improve my social media and writing skills and start a family–that last one is, of course, in my mind ONLY since it’s the only way I’ll be able to pay for 8 kids to go to college.  I’d also like to individually win the Stanley Cup. All joking aside, I really, really want to be more like Seth when I grow up!


In 2012, I’m looking forward to enjoying the simple things in life–having dinner with my friends on a Friday night, or a movie with that special someone on a cold January day. I’d also love to take more vacations and perhaps enjoy the sand in between my toes, little scorpions running up and down my legs, tickling me, and sea snakes!  I’m also a huge reptile person. Spiders, too. I love spiders! On a professional note, my goal is to gain a better understanding into the development world and use my organizational skills to further refine and perfect the project management system here at Trademark.



In 2012, I’m looking forward the most to finishing my courses at Macomb Community College so I can end the cursed homework and truly focus on my chosen career.  I’m also looking forward to my son getting coordinated enough to play video games with me!  Lastly, I can’t wait for Google to take over the world like they’re supposed to and I can welcome them as my search-based overlord (more than I already have…).



What am I looking forward to in 2012?

When asked this question, a few things come to mind.  Is the end of the world really going to happen on December 21, 2012?  I remember back when Y2K was going to mark an extreme change in the world.  That all electronic devices using a 6 digit date system were going to seize operation and cripple the infrastructure  or most, if not all, businesses utilizing “technology”.  I remember the news reports of people stockpiling anything they could buy in bulk to prepare for what is sure to be the end of civilization.  On December 31, 1999, as we all counted down to the New Year, global breath-holding took place in each time zone.  Nothing happened.  We all survived and are now 12 years removed.

But what if the Mayans are right?  What if our governments aren’t telling us something?  They would never withhold crucial information from us would they?  Stand on your own soapbox and find that one.

I’m not one to try and predict the future.  I’ve been a firm believer that I can control my own destiny with the exception of an occasional traffic light not turning green when I want it to.  I am a father.  I’ve learned that as a father, you look forward to that fine line of your children being self-sufficient enough in more areas of their lives and when they need you.  To me, there isn’t a more satisfying moment when I can teach my children something they haven’t learned in school or from a video game or, God forbid, the Disney Network.

In 2012, I am looking forward to more stories like Tim Tebow (love him or hate him) and how his faith in a higher power is overcoming his statistical production on the football field.  His team is 7-1 since he became the starting quarterback, and most of the wins have been come-from-behind victories that would take an act of God for them to have won.

The human race is fascinating.  Give me more iPhones and iPads and smart cars and electric cars and Brita water filters.  Give me Tom Toms and Garmins so that none of us waste time being lost (unless you want to be).  Give me the things that make us great.  Don’t give me this crap about our existence being wiped away.  We have so much more potential than that.

Happy Holidays.



My needs are simple.  He-Who-Walks-Behind-The-Blu-Ray Racks tells us to have faith in His wisdom and also look forward to more 3D releases in 2012, but I’m all about the quality time with people…by having them join me in watching these 3D home video releases.  Because sharing is fun.

Aside from that, I will continue to be there for my father as he enters the next stage of Alzheimer’s while offering relief to my mother, who is with him 24/7.  There’s also a chance to renew a long-absent family tie and I’m hopeful that it goes well.  I look forward to continuing writing, exploring new places, revisiting places I’ve already been, getting married and verbally/mentally torturing a few specific co-workers who desperately deserve it.




Being 30. I will be 30 four days into 2012. It seems like almost forever ago I thought people who were 30+ years old should be in wheelchairs or sitting around playing bridge in a nursing home. Now here I am, about to be 30 years of age myself, and I’m looking back on my youthful self thinking “This isn’t so bad, right? Why on earth did I think that 30+ year olds were all geriatrics?” Perhaps I’m just trying to convince myself that I’m not getting older than dirt. Or perhaps I’m just coming to terms with the fact that I’m 3 decades old, and that’s just A-OK with me. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the old adage “With age comes wisdom” is actually true, and now I realize I’m just that much closer to being more wise than my elders, and should be ready for world domination any day now.



Since everyone is driving flying cars by 2015 (Right, Doc Brown?), I’m looking forward to seeing the first real signs of consumer flight-capable automobiles in 2012.  We’ve already seen the Nike MAG in 2011, so the time for hovercars is nigh. I also look forward to the day when I can listen to my Norwegian thrash metal with Eric and literally watch horrible, horrible horror movies non-stop with Jennifer.

Ciao! (not chow)

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