We’ve written about SEO Nightmares and a whole series on SEO traps, so it follows that we might have some insight into social media nightmares, too. Like everyone else, we often learn as we go because as the trends are setting themselves, we’ve been following and trying to anticipate them as best we can. Take social media as a prime example. The difficult part isn’t establishing ourselves as knowing what we’re doing as much as it is getting potential clients to see we know what we’re doing. Why would that be so difficult? Because midsized to larger sized companies have corporate red tape that can frequently bring progress to a screaming halt.

Have you ever tried to run a social media campaign that fell flat on its face? Was it because you didn’t know what you were doing or because you knew what you were doing, only the lads and ladies upstairs didn’t know what they were doing and instead unknowingly set you up for failure? Or perhaps you knew what you were doing and they thought they did, too, only they changed their mind partway through and insisted on changes that fell flat?

Welcome to a nightmare on corporate street.

Too many people have the “just make it happen” attitude when doling out assignments to their subordinates. Nobody likes that. Really, we don’t. Like many other things, social media requires a game plan and that starts at the very top. So when you’re called in and you’re going to be running a social media campaign, generate some discussion. It’ll annoy the executives, but it’ll make you feel SO much better!

What is it they want the campaign to accomplish? What is it you’re being asked to achieve? Are you trying to gain followers? Are you trying to get current followers to buy a new product or service you’re offering? Are you running a Facebook ad campaign and need to narrow down specifically who the ads will target? What happens if things start to go poorly? How will it affect your business’s reputation in the social media channels? Finally, what kind of an investment in time, money and manpower is willing to be put into the project to achieve the desired outcome?

These are all questions you’ll want to explore before moving forward in your social media campaign. And, sure, I jested a little about your questions annoying executives. They will, though, but that’s okay. Once they see just how on the page you are with this, they’ll start to appreciate your desire to see it be as successful as possible. Or they won’t and you’ll be escorted out of the building.

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