Most people are familiar with the numerous so-called “stalking” applications, which you can find on Facebook. Remember Breakup Notifier? But how good are these applications? Are you aware people have the ability to find exactly where you are, when you are using free wireless Internet services? Well, they can, but do you really care? Web software expert Gary LosHuertos conducted a very interesting experiment in which he hacked into random Facebook accounts—something you don’t want to have happen to you and we blogged about it two days ago.

LosHuertos’s experiment had fascinating and stunning results. He used one of the “stalking” applications to access random people’s Facebook accounts (who were using a shared Internet connection) at a Starbucks in New York City. He would send these people messages that were basically stating, “I have hacked into your Facebook account, you should change your privacy settings, because I can access all your information.” LosHuertos was stunned that people kept on surfing the web and going on with their day.

LosHuertos tried again to get these people to understand the magnitude of the situation by sending another, very colorful message. Twenty minutes went by and people were still surfing the web, one even went to after the warnings. If LosHuertos were a real hacker, he would have been able to access all of the guy’s financial information he was submitting to So the obvious question is, do people really care about their digital security?

Apparently not! According to privacy expert Larry Ponemon’s research, 60% of U.S. adults claim they care about privacy, but will barely think twice about monitoring it. People do not go through and view their Facebook privacy settings, people have no problem giving their phone numbers to grocery/retail stores, and people will constantly give out their e-mail address without reviewing privacy policies.

So what about you? Do you think you manage you privacy properly, or are you like the 60% of U.S. adults who don’t really monitor these things? Hopefully you will now. We will work with you to make sure the proper privacy controls are set for your website. Hopefully this has given you some insight on the types of measures you should be taking when managing your personal digital security.

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