Where were you when you listened or watched the Tiger Woods news conference today? Were you at home? In your car? At work?

The question ‘Where were you when…” may now not be as easy to answer as it has been in the past. Everyone, for the most part, remembers where they were for certain events, but with the rise of the internet, social media and mobile devices, the possibility of you remembering exactly where you were may become more difficult. Not everyone has to cram around a TV to watch breaking news, you can simply listen or watch the news over your phone or on your computer. You could be anywhere at any time and receive news instantly.

Over the past year, YouTube has started experimenting with live video, showing not only the Tiger Woods news conference, but showing political debates, Obama’s inauguration and other live interviews. The ability to view live videos online will make it easier than ever before for people to hear or watch the news. If enough people tuned into YouTube to watch Tiger Woods today, it could definitely shake up other news networks and give them something to worry about.

YouTube videos have proven to be very beneficial for businesses looking to increase their website traffic and performance. While your business may not be able to utilize live video streams, you should consider creating  a channel to showcase videos on your website. YouTube has become enormously popular over the past couple of years, based on the fact that most people enjoy informative or entertaining visuals. If your business is able to bring that to your customers, you have a better chance of converting your traffic into sales. Here at TM, we recommend to most of our clients that they start a YouTube channel because it is an excellent way to form better relationships with your customers and your community.

One of our clients, FLAME Furnace, has successfully utilized online videos to not only educate the community about heating and cooling topics, but also improve awareness of their overall brand. Their videos have established FLAME as a resource that customers can depend on for information, which is something all businesses should strive to achieve. And now with recent developments with mobile phones, you can access these videos pretty much anywhere, which makes YouTube even more appealing for businesses to utilize.

If YouTube is able to successfully deliver live videos, I believe it will definitely become a real game changer in the news industry and possibly for your business in the future. It will be exciting to see how this develops down the road.

If you’d like to learn more about how YouTube can help your business, contact TM today.

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