Search Engine Optimization is something we here at Trademark Productions can’t emphasize enough. Imagine for a moment starting a business that sells Blu-Rays for retail on an e-commerce site , only the content you have on all of your pages never really tells folks what you do or sell. Being an avid Blu-Ray enthusiast, I wouldn’t be able to find you. Sure, I’d be saving money, but you’d be losing it.

Keep in mind that SEO copywriting is different from marketing copywriting in that you need to take several things in order for it to get the results your business needs. Here are some suggestions when doing any SEO copywriting in order to have the content make a positive difference for your site.

  • First, figure out what the objective of your copy will be. Do you want to get more brand awareness? Would you like to increase traffic? Or do you need to raise your conversion rate? Determine these things before doing anything else.
  • Determine what terms people are searching for that are in your target market. Use keyword tools and other means to achieve this.
  • Study your target audience and know the demographic information; what they like and dislike, and what kinds of products they buy. You need to do this to help you write content that will interest them.
  • Start studying your competitors who are doing well and have the same target audience. This will help you determine what designs and other elements that work well. Just be careful not to copy them too closely or borrow their content. That’s a no-no.
  • Display your information so you get the attention of your target audience.
  • Make sure your navigation is easy to follow and keywords are used in the URLs and anchor texts.

Sure, there’s more to it than that, but this will give you a start. And, as always, you’re more than welcome to come to us for help. We like those e-mails from our contact page. It reminds us that we’re useful, especially during the holiday season.

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