Making a website for your business–or updating one–is a great opportunity for everyone involved, but it’s never as easy as it seems.  Many of the elements on a site are initially based on experimentation and trial & error.  A business will typically hire Web designers to create their site, but they frequently don’t consider the fact that they’ll need someone to write their content too, too.  It tends to get pawned off to an employee who really doesn’t know what they’re doing or the owner’s son or daughter who happen to be either in high school or college.  Both are fairly common mistakes.  Why?

Let’s address something else first.  Your site can be brilliant looking, navigate with an ease never found before on the internet and offer a service folks really, really want.  However, are you going to hire someone with a beautiful site who claims “We are a industrie leaders!” or a company with not as impressive a site stating “We are industry leaders who will work for you, come in on budget (or just under) and have a track record to prove it!”?   When mistakes like in the first blurb show up on your site, it makes your business look, at the very least, highly unprofessional.  “We are a industrie leaders!” may have also been written by an employee who has little experience with writing or who simply doesn’t know what he/she is doing.  And if it’s written by the owner’s son or daughter?  Few parents are critical of their children in this capacity, but content like this will be a contributing factor in a loss business.

This now brings SEO into the fold.  Someone who is familiar with SEO knows the importance of it since the better the SEO, the better the chances are the site will rank high in the search engines.  The average website designer will not know everything about SEO.   They’re there to design, but they will have someone on their staff or know to bring someone in who is familiar with SEO.  That person will determine the keywords the site needs and then a professional writer will be brought in to write, finesse and optimize the content.

The important thing to remember is that not all Web designers know SEO, not all SEO folks know how to write and not all writers know how to determine the correct SEO terms for your site.  Each area of expertise will only be as good as the information they’re given, but all work as a team.

So, while you may be worried about how much hiring a writer will cost, it’s worth it in the long run.

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