We have a number of issues going on in the world and in the United States alone, right?  Unemployment, homeless folks, battered women, oil spills, gay teen suicides and those stupid political phone calls during elections that fill up my answering machine with their pre-recorded nonsense.  And those are just barely scratching the surface.  We also have a problem with social media users posting drunken tweets and Facebook updates.  Who knew?

Webroot apparently did since they’re offering a free plug-in titled “The Social Media Sobriety Test,” which helps cut down on those embarrassing late-night postings.  And while the app can also be used on MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and YouTube–Xtube might be something they want to consider for future consideration…am just sayin’–there are reports of folks taking the test who are sober and failing.  That just strikes me as funny.  It also strikes me as a little sad that instead of stopping the behavior that causes the embarrassing postings, we’re finding a way to stop the postings.  Maybe the postings are what folks need to realize the real problem.  Imagine how much longer David Hasselhoff might have gone on if his daughter hadn’t posted his drunken binge.

Continuing on, we have yet another little oddity that takes technology in a direction I and everybody else in the Trademark Productions offices never saw coming.  How about a small chip that interacts with your cell phone that can be used to test a bodily fluid for sexuality transmitted diseases?  On one hand–no pun intended–the “eST12” project could be used for those less-than-discerning people who engage in nocturnal mating rituals on a regular basis and then develop a strange feeling the morning or day after.  On the other hand, what an interesting new level we’re taken to for potential dating or picking somebody at a nightclub.  “Want to go home with me?  Let’s see what you’ve got.  No, no.  Not there.  I mean give me a blood or saliva sample.”

As Mr. Spock might say, “Fascinating.”

And how would you like to write that website?  Oh, how the puns would fly.  Optimizing it would be even more fun.  I can’t believe that “eST12” would really catch on as a phrase people would remember and type into search engines, but there are certainly other SEO keywords we could have a field day with.  I also think our CEO and resident SEO guru, Dwight Zahringer, would develop a whole new plethora of analogies based on that site alone.

Okay, now I’m wondering who actually is developing the site for this…

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