In our last Because We Said So blog, Trademark Productions took you through how and why you want to optimize your social media profiles. The end result, naturally, translates into visibility in the search engines, which means people are finding you. And with links to your website, they can check out your products or services in more detail and even purchase them after capturing their attention with your well-written content. Are you feeling caught up yet? Good. Let’s move on.

One would think status updates would be an absolute cinch to knock out every day. One would probably be wrong. And the more you stare at the empty box waiting for you to fill it with catchy business goodness, the more daunting it becomes. Been there, experienced that. Perhaps the easiest way to think about what to write is to take your audience into consideration. These are people who you are trying to interest in your business, keep interested in your business and make their visiting you a positive experience worth repeating and telling their friends and/or associates about. Okay, that just sounds daunting again.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Aside from giving folks that warm and fuzzy feeling, you need to incorporate some SEO keywords that are pertinent to your brand and site, too. And whatever you’re talking about should be able to link back to your site if at all possible. This can even work in conjunction with the blogs on your site, especially if you’re keeping them up-to-date. Why would you want to do that? Because as you develop new status updates, you’ll want to stay up on all the latest industry terms, topics and trends. If you have a static website and no blogs, then new terms or topics you introduce in your status updates won’t link back to anything on your site. If you have the two working together, the search engines will see the connection and your rankings will increase.

What keywords are important to you? What topics do people want to know about? What trends are being seen on the horizon? Is your company in a place to take advantage of those or even set a few? Then that’s a wonderful start on what folks are going to be interested in and visiting you for. You don’t want to pick up on a topic or trend that’s already a couple of weeks old. It’s slim pickings from something that’s already dead. Catch it early, catch it fast and run with it. And don’t forget blogging about it on your site, too. The more detail, the better expectation you can have that people who read your status update will want to go and visit your website.

Just be certain that, when it comes to your business, social media, status updates and blogs, that the left hand and right hand are communicating.

But that’s another story…

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