The internet. It’s the final frontier…at least until someone develops the ubernet to replace the internet much like DVD replaced VHS and Blu-Ray replaced DVD. If you can think it, you can post it. And if you can offend someone with it, they can boycott and raise its popularity to new and untold of heights. It’s the kind of place where self-esteem knows no bounds, where you can rate someone on how hot they are or even decide if they’re hot enough to be added to a dating site. Yes, folks have truly managed to become equal opportunity offenders all in the name of setting standards. And have you heard about TheUglyBugBall?

If the world ended today, we could at least go into extinction knowing that the internet completed its mission by offering a site for self-proclaimed ugly people—or aesthetically challenged as the site proclaims based on screenshots I could find—to find and date each other. I had to wonder if this was real because I couldn’t get the site to come up and I’ve no idea why. Apparently it is, though, based on the number of articles written about it that even include an engagement that came out of two people who met using the site.

It’s an easy idea to scoff at, isn’t it? A site where folks who probably struck out on Matchmaker can go to find each other in all their hopelessness? And yet there is something poetic and beautiful about it. Some say that all babies are beautiful. These people are obviously wearing sunglasses because, well, they really aren’t. And not everybody is going to attract a cheerleader or stud. I dated a cheerleader for a short time my senior year and, believe me, she wasn’t with me for my looks. It was because I was a senior and she was a sophomore. It gave her status to be with someone older and it gave me an opportunity to study the inner workings of sixteen-year-old female mind. We both came away disappointed.

Imagine if people knocked down their pretentious ways, opened themselves up and put their best foot forward, which actually turned out to be their personality? Compatibility isn’t just about looks, certainly not when you first get up in the morning. Keep glamor in Hollywood where it’s happy and thriving and allow folks to get real everywhere else. Okay, even I can clean up pretty well when I want to. Sometimes folks just need that little extra nudge, but it’s not necessary to make the relationship a successful one. I just enjoy letting people drown in the sugary sweet “ew” factor that my partner and I look cute together. He looks cute without me, but I actually look cute when I’m with him and that just annoys his admirers since I’m guilty by association.

Imagine the fun the owners of a site like The Ugly Bug Ball can have optimizing their site! SEO and content are king here. Imagine the sheer number of links, back-links, hits, blog postings and keywords that are popping up and directing viewers to their pages. I can just hear the Twitter tweets and Facebook chirps going on and doing the work for the site instead of the site owners having to do it for themselves.

More power to them. And more power to the people using it. If all you wanted was to find a little happiness in your life, who cares if others think you’re hot or not? Plus, if you’re the website owner, you may just have the hottest website and service this year. Take that, Paris Hilton!

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