Twitter Olympics
We live in a strange time. News is instantaneous, messages transmitted quicker than the speed of light, and social media keeps us up to date on anything and everything. With the Olympics in full swing here, are you following any of the Olympians on twitter? They give a unique insight into how they prepare, compete and have fun that we have never been able to see before. It brings us closer to the competition that we have ever been before.

Twitter has a whole page dedicated to verified Olympians so we all know they’re real. You can follow anyone from snow boarder Shawn White @ Shaun_White to team USA curling team member Nicole Joraanstad @NicCurl . Think about it, have you ever been this close to such a major sporting event, or been able to read about what they athletes are really feeling? And no, the TV interviews that we’ve all seen from years pas do not count.  That’s what athletes are on their best behavior!  You get an inside look at the Olympic village, and how these athletes interact with one another. I’m sure twitter will be around in four years for the next winter Olympics, but I doubt it will have this big of an impact on our it. Will there be another social media outlet that lets us inside the minds of athletes and their sports? Or will there be a crack down by the IOC? I’m betting a crackdown will happen for one reason or another.  So I’d say embrace what we have at this moment, because we truly are living in a unique time that might not be seen again.

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