Q: What are geolocation games? Is there an opportunity for my company to utilize them for marketing purposes?

A: A location-based game (or location-enabled game) is one in which the game play somehow evolves and progresses via a player’s location and there actions. Thus, location-based games almost always support some kind of localization technology. For example, the use of satellite positioning technology like GPS. Also, there are the popular location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla. “Urban gaming” or “Street Games” are typically multi-player location-based games played out on city streets and built up urban environments.

Can they be beneficial for your company to use? Yes, you just need the proper budget and planning. They can create a “digital buzz” in a specific area, which can socially expand your brand name and recognition. The key component would be for users to gain knowledge of your company and product that would direct them to experience your brand. Then you would be able to track conversion from the campaign in to potential leads or sales.

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