Business owners love to have their sites found. The more visitors, the more potential for sales. We at Trademark Productions love to have our site found. Heck, non-business owners love for their sites to be found. And the more opportunities to be found, the better one’s chances of rising up the search engine rankings. A properly SEOd site is one way—well, a huge way, but there are others, like links. There is a general belief these days that the more links one can get from other sites to their own, the better.

True or False?

It’s actually a little bit of both. Yes, you want links to your site and search engines love seeing links to sites. However, that being said, you want good, solid links from reputable sites. Less-than-reputable sites linking to you can actually hurt your search engine results. You dislike those lovely little misleading redirects that leave you on a landing page full of links you weren’t looking for and don’t want, right? Imagine now if someone stuck a link to your site on one of those. Not only will the masses be taking your name in vain, but the search engines will figure it into their results and your ranking will go down.

Now, if you’re a business and selling goods made by specific manufacturers, it wouldn’t hurt to see if any of them would include a link somewhere on their site to yours. They’re legitimate, you’re legitimate, and you want each other to do well for obvious reasons. Even if you aren’t selling something and you’re instead sharing reviews or trying to get your writing recognized, it wouldn’t hurt to contact other like-minded people out there who do the same thing or folks who like and enjoy your work. Have them add a link to your site. Furthermore, add a link to their site on yours, too. It becomes a win-win situation.

Remember to play it safe. Remember to be selective.

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