Way! I mean…true. You can. You should.

We’ve actually been blogging recently about social media and using SEO keywords in status updates, online profiles and in blogs. Why? Because if you’re looking to get your business to move up in the search engine rankings, it never hurts to use keywords that relate to your business in both the recent status update (which will hopefully appear somewhere in your profile), plus include a link to your site or your blog where you have those same keywords.

Now, keywords in blogs? Sure. You’re keeping up on the latest trends and advancements in your industry, right? Well, you want to interest potential customers in order to keep them coming back and if they’re following the trends, so should you. It might even hurt to try and start a few of these trends, which will definitely keep your potential customers hanging around. And if you’re really lucky, they’ll start sending links to your blogs (and site) out, which now creates backlinks.

Talk about a win-win situation. And it all starts with your blog…and SEO keywords…and social media profiles and updates.

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