One of the difficulties with some clients is that they make decisions by committee as opposed to having a single person in charge of pushing the vision forward who speaks for everybody. So when they approach us here at Trademark Productions for a website redesign and we suggest search engine optimization for the new version of their site, we try to make sure as best we can that they are aware of what this entails. Unfortunately, there’s always someone who later asks “The content you optimized will read just like what we sent to you, right?”

True or False?

False. Those who nod their heads the most in meetings when having something explained to them generally tend to be ones who don’t always understand it. Consequently, they get frustrated when something is done for the site that they didn’t realize was going to be done, yet they were informed of and they shook their head that they understood. When a client wants their site optimized so they can be found in the search engines, it’s our job to find out what key words people are searching for that’s related to the client’s business, where they can effectively rank and then organically place those keywords into the text on each page.

Will the content read exactly how the client sent it? No. How could it? We’re helping them place in the search engines, so by adding words, we’re having to alter and finesse the content as best we can. However, based on the keywords, it may not read as smooth and picture perfect as one might like.

It sometimes comes down to a tossup between stellar, flowing content and content finessed the best we can that allows our clients to rank higher in the search engines.

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