Not too long ago, press releases were used to intrigue journalists to write a story about the overall subject of the release. It was then left up to the journalist to decide whether or not to write the story and, if they didn’t, your story never saw the light of day. That’s not the case anymore, especially with the evolution of digital media. Now, businesses and individuals can write press releases and submit them online for search engines and the general public to pick up on.  Considering these press releases are being picked up by the search engines, there has to be some SEO value there, true or false?


Press releases are a great way to create company awareness in the search engines and help build links to your site. With that being said, you should write your press releases with SEO in mind. Use keywords, submit them to press release directories and make them easy to read. Remember: the goal for press releases and SEO is to have them found on the search engines, have people read them, and build back-links to your site.

Easier said than done, I know, but no worries.  Here are some helpful hints on how to get the most SEO value out of your press releases:

  • Focus on writing creative headlines while using keywords
  • Make sure the press release sounds natural and are free of typos
  • Use keywords and links in your content
  • Submit the press release to numerous distribution services

Try these tips out next time you submit a press release. Also, if you have any questions or if I can help feel free to leave a comment.

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