Websites have content, which is how people find you in the search engines. That’s fairly common knowledge, right? And places like Trademark Productions design and redesign sites while pushing blogs and content management because content is king. So, that inevitably leads some clients to automatically ask “So then my website has to be huge and with lots of content to rank high in the search engines, right?”


A very basic website has a Homepage, About Us, Services or Product page, FAQ, Contact, Blog and Sitemap. That’s not particularly large and these aren’t content heavy. Depending on whatever it is you’re selling or want people to know as to why the site exists, that will determine the length of one potentially large page. Aside from that and how extensive you want your Frequently Asked Questions to be, how well you rank in the search engines will depend on your use of keywords that the search engines look for. If you sell Dean Jones birthday mugs and instead go on and on and about Seth Alling’s latest development in ketchup packaging, then you won’t be found.

So no, your site doesn’t have to be huge or text heavy. You just have to get the right text on the right page, do some blogging and link other pages of your site in those blogs so that folks start to explore what you hope interests them.

Happy New Year!

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