Q: True or false, writing articles and submitting them to Article Based websites is a good SEO tactic?

A: TRUE – That is if it’s  done properly. Writing articles is a great way to deliver more link love to your website. However, there are right and wrong ways to do this. The wrong way is to write an article and pack it with too many keywords or the same one too many times. Keyword stuffing can hurt you more than help you. Another wrong way is to submit that same article, which was written incorrectly to a lot of article based websites. This results in the article being difficult to read and understand from a human perspective. Also, the search engines can tell that you are trying to get ranked for a keyword stuffed article that is all over the place.

The proper way to utilize this strategy is to focus on a primary keyword and phrase. Then when writing the article place it just 5 times – once in the title, once in the opening sentence, once in the first paragraph, once in  the last paragraph and once in the closing sentence. You’re going to  also want to add the keyword to the resource box. Only twice in the article will I place a direct link on the target keyword to my target URL.

When your article is ready for distribution you want to use a quality service, or internal resources that can produce as many variations of your article as possible without compromising quality or readability.

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