Q: I know link building is important when it comes to my ranking factor. Recently, I was approached by a few link building teams overseas who run programs that are actually affordable. Are these good services or could they hurt the rankings that I have already established and built up?

A: It is unfortunate that link building has become synonymous with Black Hat SEO. This does not mean all oversea, link builders will buy links, or place your link in sites that are shared solely in attempt to boost your PageRank. Still, in my opinion these are a waste of your time and money. Instead think about promoting your site via paid listings such as Yahoo!, a good relevant directory, or Business.com. These are great authoritative places to start with a listing and a link. From here create good content that people will have no problem linking to.

One idea is try solving a common problem in your industry and let the media know that you have a solution, for free, on your site. Encourage people to share it with the other people they know in the industry. This will help create good, relevant back links.

Also, run a keyword search for ones that you want to ranks for and see which competitor or favorite shows up. Take a look at their back link profile in Yahoo and determine a way to get a link from the same places they have links from.

Remember, anything that generates exposure for your brand or site should eventually lead to improved link popularity and search value.

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