When it comes to fully engaging readers it is important that your design and content compliment each other. Now, the importance of content is not a secret, but if the design doesn’t capture the user’s attention they may never stop long enough to read the content.

This is why it is so important that your design and content are in a stable relationship. One without the other is just not going to cut it. Sure, if you have a knockout design a user is more likely to find they are interested in the content. However, if the content is flat and boring no one is going to waste their time reading it. Same can be said about phenomenal content. If your design can’t reel in anyone in long enough to read any of the content, then it goes wasted.

Speaking across the spectrum, design doesn’t just include your website layout, logo, theme it also includes the design of your content. This includes the structure and presentation of your content in a visually appealing design. Like all relationships, the one between content and design may experience some bumps in the road. Here are some signals that your content and design are on the verge of a break up and how you can put the spark back into the relationship.

Their Relationship Doesn’t Make Sense

  • It is important that your audience understands your design and what you are writing about.
  • Try to speak to a specific person in that audience. It is easier to write for your audience when you are aiming it to a singular person besides a large crowd.
  • Do your best to keep it short and straight to the point. You don’t want readers to get lost in your words or design.

Spending Too Much Time Together

  • Large blocks of text can discourage your readers. No one is coming to your site or blog to read a book, breaking up text and using bulleted lists help your readers flow through and understand your content.
  • Use a type that compliments both your design and content. Make sure the font stands out and is big enough to read. Make it easy for your visitors to read.
  • Use a typeface that compliments your design. Have some variation, but don’t over do it.

Things Are Just Boring Between the Two

  • Make your website or blog standout to attract people to your content. Work on writing attention grabbing headlines to encourage the person to read the rest of your content.
  • Use a visual contrasting design to attract the reader to your headline.
  • Work on including subheads that grab further grab the reader. Most people are just skimming through content, give them a reason to stop and read it.

The Relationship Just Isn’t Believable

  • It is important that your readers trust and believe you. Stay consistent with your design and tone. Decide on a single look and stick with it.
  • Keep your design under control. Don’t try too hard, overdoing it will upset your content and make it hard to read.
  • Remember content wears the pants in this relationship. Don’t let your design take away from your content. Create a design that is focused on getting someone to read your content.

Like all relationships the one between your content and design is going to take hard work and dedication if it is going to last. If you notice any of these problems occurring on your site or blog, don’t worry the relationship isn’t doomed. Try to mess around with some of the tips provided and find that happy medium between the two. Once you find out where that is your content and design may take their relationship to the next level.

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