You blog, right? If you’re a business owner with a website, you do realize you’re supposed to be blogging, right? Or, in my case, if you’re not a business owner, but happen to work for someone who is a business owner–which goes without saying–and you blog for them…well, then you’re obviously blogging. See? I have a mother. I know how logic works.

Now, aside from blogging for my taskmastering tyrant of an employer–I’m kidding, he isn’t a taskmaster–I also have a habit of blogging on MySpace, Facebook, AuthorsDen and my own website. The problem I run into, though, is how each different site and program translates the program I write the blog in. If it’s Microsoft Word, well, I have more issues than I care to comment on. Yet, if I write my blog up using AOL e-mail, fewer problems. Strange, right?

For work here in the Trademark Productions Office, I use Word since I’m then only copying and pasting it into WordPress, which we then use to post our blogs. However, problems abound since Word Press doesn’t like apostrophes, pauses like “…”, or other things that have a habit of cropping up, usually only in my assignments. All of these naturally go unnoticed until the blog is posted and gibberish appears, causing the writer of the blog to spout off frustrated gibberish.

And since there’s nothing worse than gibberish–except maybe those political phone calls my answering machine has been catching over the last month and a half–we needed a solution before one of the guys in back strangled me for messing up their site. One was offered. A solution, not a guy. This isn’t that kind of a business. He (and his name will remain unspoken since it will go right to his head) found a site called Entitifier that allows you to copy and paste your text into a window, click on “Entitify,” and then see how your blog would then read on your site. You can then go and fix the issues right on the screen, then copy and paste the corrected text into the blogging program.

Does it work? I’m pleased to report that I used it before putting my latest blogs onto MySpace, Facebook, AuthorsDen and Word Press without a hitch! The only thing you may want to be careful of is the font size you use prior to copying it into Entitifier since it doesn’t allow you to change the size of the font in that program. Or, if it does, I haven’t been able to figure out how. Not much of a surprise. So save yourself a little hassle and just do it before.

Entitifier. It’s a blogger’s best friend forever! Or until something better comes along. Writers are a fickle bunch.

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