Question: My company is getting ready to rebuild its website and we think that getting feedback from the whole team is the best way to get a great website.  Is that true?

Answer? No.  Absolutely false, 98% of the time.  Choose a single point of contact to be responsible for the website redesign.  Someone with the skill set to bring a great project to fruition and someone who can filter the team’s feedback and make the final decisions.  “Design by Committee” is the biggest delay to projects and most of the time it results in a horrible outcome.  If the whole management team needs to be involved, choose a decision maker to filter the “great ideas” and feedback from the Accounting Manager’s wife.

Here’s a great video to show you how a project typically goes when a company involves the whole team…most of whom don’t belong making decisions.  Let’s see what happens when a corporation tries to design a stop sign!

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