Small Business need to build and make sure their business has a presence online. It may sound harder than it is, but this can easily be done. It’s all about investing – time not dollars. Sure it will help if you to throw a couple bucks into it. Still the reality is, that small businesses can easily and cost-effectively improve their online presence to make sure everyone knows they are there.

Small business owners aren’t aware of exactly how useful the internet can be when it comes to their success. Perhaps traditional marketing techniques and word of mouth may still be enough to get them by.

The problem here is, traditional marketing is sitting in the backseat and online marketing is behind the wheel. And considering the many facets of social media, if word of mouth is happening anywhere it is on the social media networks.

In a time where the mom and pops of the country are struggling to compete with the major brands, it would only make sense for these small businesses to establish and build their online presence. The wonder of it all, which may be overlooked, is that small businesses can easily improve their online presence – you don’t need internet superpowers!

Here are several tips small businesses can use to help increase their presence online!

Small businesses need to…

Get Listed

  • SEO: Optimize your website to make sure it is getting listed and ranking on SERPs.
  • Find directories relevant to your business and make sure your business is listed. If it is listed, make sure you claim that listing as your business.

Get Social

  • Create a Facebook or Twitter account. These are free! And you will be in front and center of your audience (customers).
  • Actively participate – Give users a reason to recognize your business. Become a resource for users to find information relevant to your industry.
  • Install a blog to your website. Search engines love fresh, new content and your blog will give users a reoccurring reason to come back and visit your site.

Get Competitive

  • Figure out who your local competitors are. Find out what they are and aren’t doing online to increase their visibility.
  • Highlight your services through business listings and social media. Make sure people know why they should choose your business over the competitor’s. Make them believe your business is the right choice for them to pick.

Now I am not suggesting all small business throw out their business plans and focus entirely on their online presence. Still, building an online presence for your small business is something that needs to be considered. If you want to reach your costumers it is important to be where they are at – on the internet.

If you are a small business and would like help developing an online presence feel free to contact TM, we would be happy to help.

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