I’m sorry to break the news to the small businesses of the world, but it’s 2010 and if you aren’t developing an internet presence you are missing out. We are an interactive society living in a time where the internet is our tool for all the information we can imagine. That includes gathering information on the services and products we are thinking about purchasing.

Now I understand that most small and local businesses may not have the resources to create an overwhelming internet presence. Still it is essential to at least establish and maintain a website for your business. If done correctly this could be the only internet involvement your business needs to be successful.

While there are a lot of aspects that go into building a website, but your content reigns over them all. See content is king when it comes to increasing traffic and keeping visitors on your website. It is important enough that I recommend developing an entire strategy around your content.

Essentially content is anything on your website that is going to engage the user. But what makes for a good content strategy? Well if you focus on the following three aspects of content strategy your web presence will increase.

Content as a resource:

  • Have content that will teach your visitors something about the industry you are in.
  • Use educational videos and info-graphics to help explain why they need your services.
  • Write content that thoroughly explains your services to prove your business is an authority in that industry.

Content as information:

  • Write content that allows the visitor to learn more about your business and the people who work their.
  • Make sure your content provides all the information that will answer potential costumer’s questions.
  • Use your content to enlighten and entice the visitor to stay on your site and click through the other pages.

Content as entertainment:

  • Have fun with your content; have fun, post funny pictures/videos, provide an emotion.
  • Add some personality to your content. Don’t always be technical it is ok to be add your sense of humor. Visitors will like this and come back to see what else you have to say.
  • Providing content that is entertaining will give the visitor a reason to remember your website and business.

When you are creating a content strategy for your business do your best to include these aspects. Your visitors will appreciate and recognized your website as a resourceful, informational, and entertaining platform to learn about your business.

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