Your website can serve many purposes and audiences. Do you collect information from visitors, sell products, offer information to visitors, or is it for entertainment only? Answer those questions first, then this one: What do you want your website to do? Write down all the things you want your website to do, then ask your self what its worth. Next step, bring that list to us because we can handle 99% of what you have on that list… some exceptions would include “I want my website to make me coffee in the morning” or “I would like my website to be able to walk my dog.” See what I mean!? We can do a lot of things, but some just aren’t in our repertoire, sorry.

Does your website look like you made it yourself? Chances are, if it does, you did. Don’t do that again. And I’ll bet that your website has probably not gotten a lot of traffic either, at least not as much as you’d like. Research has shown that when a visitor clicks into your site, you have approximately 2.3 seconds to make a good impression on them, if you don’t, they’ll hit that magic BACK button in the upper left hand corner and be gone. Gone, just like your opportunity.

Is your website even being found in search engine land? If it is, is it being found for relevant terms you think your customers/clients/associates/google searchers would actually search to find you? Didn’t think so. Another great reason to update or redesign your website; SEO has become a major part of the web, if you hadn’t noticed. So make sure your site is up to par on the SEO end.

Just as styles in fashion, cars, or anything change, they do so on the web as well. Give your site a new theme or look, we did to our site, Looks nice doesn’t it!? We can do the same for you, and help your customers find you online!

So contact us today to see what we can do for you. Or if you’d like the tools and knowledge to be able to do these things yourself, sign up for one of our TM Web School classes. Either way, let’s get your website moving forward and doing what you want it to do!

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