In the bowels of a haunted hotel, covered in bedbug bites, welcome to our continued SEO frights…

I’m your Trademark Productions host, Dwight Zahringer and this is our third SEO nightmare presented to you in the October tradition of a 4-part TM Halloween extravaganza blog. I’ll be taking you through the terrifying journey some of our clients and potential clients have presented to us, hoping we might tear through the ceiling boards and shed some sunlight on the search engine vampires robbing you of your website’s lifeblood; rankings!

One of the things I’m known for around the Trademark Productions office is my use of analogies. Think of it as… Oops. See? Like Britney Spears, I almost did it again. In the case of this blog, it’s our clients who tend to do it and it’s usually to themselves. We just get caught up in the mystery and like those famous darn meddling kids, help solve it.

Now, imagine the fun and adventure of having your website built and launched! Imagine the surprise, wonder and amazement as your business takes off! Imagine it comes time to make some changes and you’ve decided to part ways with the company that’s been hosting you. Imagine finding out that in your haste to conquer the internet with your product or service that you had the hosting company or developer register your business domain for you! And now they own it. And you don’t.

Or perhaps the hosting company went out of business. Maybe the developer moved on to bigger and better things, only he or she neglected to leave a forwarding address. Either way, like Elvira, it’s a bust.

Yes, we’ve had this situation creep up before and no, it’s not pleasant. As the owner of your business, you want to continue owning every aspect of it, including the electronic version of it. Think of it as an author writing a book. The book still has to be registered with the Library of Congress. Now, would you let a publisher register it for you, essentially giving them control and ownership of your work? Absolutely not. Same here.

Also keep in mind that companies start up and go out of business at an alarming rate these days. There’s always a possibility that, over time, the company that built your site may not be able to take you to the next level and beyond. Anything can happen and sometimes anything does. Look at Miss Cleo. Do you think if she was really psychic that she wouldn’t have been able to see her own problems coming at her like a masked maniac on Friday the… I’m doing it again, aren’t I?

Own your business. Own your domain. Don’t be like… Another analogy? It’s a sickness, isn’t it?

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