In the deep of a twilight sleep, surrounded by ghostly cookies, welcome to our continued SEO spookies…

I’m your Trademark Productions host, Dwight Zahringer and this is our second SEO nightmare presented to you in the October tradition of a 4-part TM Halloween extravaganza blog. I’ll be taking you through the terrifying journey some of our clients and potential clients have presented to us, hoping we might offer a high-powered flashlight to illuminate their way through the deadly labyrinth of search engine dungeons and back up into the light.

We’ve got a horrific tale for you today about creeping internet tendrils, things that go bump in the night and knock your site’s rankings right down into the realm straight out of a Stephen King novel. It’s a fairly simple problem, though, and common scenario. The difficulty arises in not realizing the simplicity of it or how to fix it.

Potential clients have approached TM because they started off with a fairly rudimentary website and eventually hired someone fairly inexpensive to rebuild and re-launch it. Fair enough. But like in Pet Semetary, if you don’t try to raise the dead the right way and in the right place with the right knowhow, dead is still dead. It’s all in the details.

Where our potential client ran into trouble is right after their site was re-launched and their rankings started to take a dive. SEO became non-existent because the old site no longer existed, so they went down. Way down, like a lead zombie in a vat of quicksand kind of down…only the quick quicksand, not the slow kind. And like all horror stories, panic ensued when an explanation wasn’t forthcoming.

The cure? It’s called a 301 redirect. Nothing from the client’s old site was transferred to the new one, which means that anything and everything their old site ranked for in the search engines was now dead in the water since it had nothing new to go to. The 301 redirect takes all of your old links and points (or redirects) them to the new site, thus allowing you to keep your rankings. People can still find you and the information is still relevant, making it the best of both worlds.

It just takes the knowhow to…well, know what to do, know that it needs to be done and know how to slay the evil beast before you’re swallowed into oblivion. This is why the TM team carries very large, very knowledgeable swords around with us. And a pen since it usually helps if we take notes, too.

So, see? Some SEO horrors do have a happy ending. That is…until the sequel. 302 Redirect Maniacs, here we come!

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