Do you remember the older commercials for a local furniture company, and others (I’ve heard this repeated often) tagging a sale in the month of July, as a “Christmas in July” sale? Well, I cannot remember hearing that many as of late. This is probably due to the paradigm-shift retailers have taken with considerations to religious beliefs and their direct correlation to sales. (*cough* Walmart saying “Happy Holidays!”)

While these “sales” were tagged a cute name to get people in the door, I wanted to key the phrase again for online retailers. Let’s call it “SEO in July.” No matter your product or target audience you should be deep into the planning stages of your SEO campaign for the holiday season, which is only six short months from now. This campaign should be solidified and be in the first stages of execution by August, if not the end of July.

Why you ask?

Remember, results from your SEO efforts take time.  Your competitors know this (the good ones) and are making the same plans to attack or push their major product in November and December. It is imperative to include social media tactics also for your holiday season campaign. If you can determine a game plan now you can build the headway to use social media by directing users to your target site.

If you are interested in discussing your online holiday event or other specific date in the foreseen future please give us a call. We’d love to talk. Remember another age-old saying is that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying holds true for the SEO and social media community as well.

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