Who knew a couple of years ago that podcasts would still be around today? It was a nifty idea back then, but also somewhat novelty. And now? There’s some major life to these things and even music artists are taking advantage of them. Singers Martha Davis of The Motels and Terri Nunn have a show that’s ranking extremely high on iTunes and internet sites like BlogTalk radio are finding uses for them. Even Trademark Products has been taking advantage of podcasts and including links to them in with our blog post page.

If you’re unfamiliar with podcasts, but have a website and want to attract some folks to it, then it’s time you know what they are. Simply put, a podcast is a digital media file that is circulated around the Internet via RSS. These files are usually mp3s or video mp4s and are listened to on a computer or with an mp3 player. Some of my best podcast listening has been on an mp3 player while working out at the gym!

Now, one of the great benefits of the podcast is that you can listen to the content whenever you want, and can choose whatever you want and keep them as long as you want. Folks put these things out there to be user friendly for those who want them.

And there are other places to listen to them than at the gym. If you’re sitting on your computer checking email or doing other monotonous work, it’s nothing to double click on the file and play it in the background. Cars are even equipped to read mp3 players and iPods these days, too, so instead of listening to news radio, listen to a podcast. Best of all, there’s a variety of podcast subjects to entertain you:

  • Music: artist information and interviews
  • News or talk shows: news coverage or commentary on various industries
  • Stories: great for the blind and children
  • Business: business news or help
  • Training: how-to information and other material that is instructional

You can find the right podcast for you by looking through podcast directories, which can have hundreds of listings and frequently rate them for their content. Many podcasts are free, so they’re budget-friendly to boot!

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