I get asked from time to time—reminded really—to try and be a bit more industry-specific in the Trademark Production blogs and since we’re in the business of technology, I thought I’d offer a few ideas (and sites) I visited looking for gifts this year.

Love it, hate it or not care about it, but the iPad plays a mean game of Plants Vs. Zombies. My partner and I visited an Apple store in Chicago and he wanted me to put the iPad through the ringer testing it out. Unfortunately, he neglects to remember that I know very little about how to do such things, yet he saw me going to town on it. Imagine his surprise to learn I was playing the aforementioned Plants Vs. Zombies and kicking some undead booty! My recommendation is the heck with the iPad. Buy the game!

E-readers are on the rise. Folks are taking multiple digital copies of books with them on the subway, on flights, car rides, etc. Why? Because it’s supposedly convenient. On a plus note, at least more people are reading. On the flipside, stop being lazy and buy a regular book! The batteries won’t run out, Amazon won’t suddenly reach into your bag and remove the book without your permission and you can have your favorite authors sign copies. Yes…so…buy books.

On a serious note, I searched high and low for gifts for a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s and came across The Alzheimer’s Store. There’s a variety of items that are useful at various stages, though I only ordered one item (thinking I was ordering three). I like the idea of a store that caters to something like this and wish there were more like them.

Music lovers can have faith in the industry again since several 80s acts like Kim Wilde, OMD, Alphaville and Duran Duran have released albums (or are about to release albums) this year. These folks have been doing things their way for decades and considering the hoops that companies expect new singers to jump through, they’re a breath of fresh air to hear and know are still around.

Finally, a Christmas gift I gave to myself a few months early that I do recommend based on my own personal experience to folks who have websites is a blog. Seriously. Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are only parts that make up the whole of social media. Small updates are fine, but a blog offers the opportunity to give visitors a much deeper look at who you are and what you are offering (if you’re a business owner).

So there you have it. Just one little employee with his own Amazon Wish List and ideas he thought he’d share with you for the holiday season. Oh, and I think I read that Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is either out or is coming out soon!

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