The Daily Mail released the picture below this past week, which captures an amazing shot of Tiger Woods. The picture soon become an internet sensation, but it wasn’t because of Tiger Woods. Take a closer look at the picture and tell me if anything sticks out. No, it’s not the ball heading right towards the camera or Tiger’s flashy violet vest. Make your way over to the right and you’ll see Cigar Guy, the newest overnight internet sensation.

Cigar Guy

The identity of Cigar Guy remains a mystery, but that’s not stopping his sudden internet fame. I’m willing to bet at the time that no one would consider this the highlight of the picture, but just take a look at him. Who could ignore his unique choice of clothing coupled with an interesting mustache and big ol’ cigar hanging from his mouth. It was only a matter of time before a graphic designer got a hold of this picture and decided to have some fun with it.

It’s only been a couple days, but now you can find Cigar Guy showing up in the background of many recognizable iconic photographs – as you can tell by the photos in this post. TM decided to partake in the Cigar Guy fun and have him photoshopped in somewhere on our site. We challenge you to browse through TM’s pages and see if you can find Cigar Guy. The first person who does* and sends us a message through our contact form detailing his whereabouts wins a prize. Yes, a prize! We aren’t sure what it’ll be yet, but in honor of Cigar Guy, we’re going to make sure it’s worth your while.

In the meantime, check out some of the other photos that have featured our famous mustached cigar smoking friend.

Cigar Guy vs Liston

Cigar Guy or Clint Eastwood?

*TM Employees, family and friends aren’t eligible for this spectacular prize. Especially Craig’s friends.

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