I’ve been looking back at 2010 and am just amazed at how far technology has come in a single year, but also how businesses have jumped on that technology in order to sell what they have to what they hope will be hungry consumers. MySpace is now fairly heavily ignored except for the entertainment industry and Facebook has become a virtual breeding ground for product placement and business fan pages. Even Trademark Productions has a Fan page and, yes, we tweet on Twitter.

We also offer Social Media services to our clients.

There are, however, still a few naysayers out there who claim that businesses entering the world of social media has done nothing—or at least very little—to boost sales or brand recognition. I’ve had some fairly serious conversations and playful banter with one person in particular about it and neither of us seems to be budging. In light of that and in an effort to expand our look beyond our own office, I thought I throw it out there to all of you.

Have you noticed a difference using Twitter? What kind of a difference? How often do you tweet and are you consistent? How about Facebook? Are your posts constant hard sales or are you developing interaction with your fans? What kind of interaction?

See, these are all questions worth exploring because who knows what 2011 is going to bring? There will always be the next new social media site, the next form of paging or tweeting, the next big search engine and the next call to arms in terms of advertising. It happens at a breakneck speed, so it’s important to look at what we’ve learned, file it all under lessons learned and approach the future with a pro-active action plan instead of setting ourselves up for failure.

So, how about it? What have your experiences been with social media?

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