I’ve been an official member of the TM team now for a little over three months and there really are no words to describe the transition to life here. Well, no words I can safely print. I am, of course, kidding. Dwight and Dean read these. Each member brings a unique background, skill set and personality with them. Sometimes we even do work. Just look at Barton Malow’s new site if you’d like an example.

The challenge for me, since I handle a good deal of the content around here, has been learning to scour the internet in order to keep up on stories about technical things that excite a certain kind of reader. Well, the kind of readers around here. I frequently don’t understand them—or the articles—but I am learning and also trying to insert a little of my own personality into the mix. I may write a little something on Google Places one day and then extend Cookie Monster a happy birthday the next. That’s usually when the COO knocks on my door and threatens to feed me to the developers if I don’t keep on task. It’s the tech version of feeding someone to the fishes.

I’m a true believer in social media, too, and mostly because I’ve had it work for me on a professional level outside of work. TM is also a huge supporter of businesses using it, only convincing clients sometimes takes a little work. The other big push we’ve been working on is getting clients to blog. I blog on my own site and can see the difference in traffic when using Google Analytics. Then, too, there’s an art to blogging just like there is with social media. Craig, one of our account managers, is teaching me the fine art of the business version of social media versus what I use it for. The nice thing is that he’s patient and hasn’t threatened to feed me to the developers. Well, yet.

We had some fun earlier this year in October discussing SEO nightmares, which were some fun blogs and worth checking out.

So stay tuned for more fun and mayhem from you Trademark Productions crew!

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