Things have been abuzz and all atwitter here in the Trademark Productions office during the past couple of weeks.  Aside from letting all of our clients and potential clients know about potential website upgrades to consider in the new year.

Putting one of these landing pages together is a lot more work than you’d expect, too.  The old days when the internet was still new and fairly uncharted were probably a bit more fun since everything was so unrefined.  Folks could use a myriad of fonts on the same page, multiple pictures in odd places and random order that gave a certain chaotic charm to a site.  Not anymore.  We’ve moved into the aesthetic stage of the net, but there are those rare companies out there that take a giant leap backwards and manage to stump online users.

Here are some thoughts on what you might want to avoid:

  1. A landing page with multiple pictures (35 on one site we saw) that offer no text as to what the pictures take you to if you click on them, what pictures actually take you somewhere and why you’d want to make your visitors guess at all.  The idea is to get visitors to click where you want them to and hopefully into something that will interest them.  Making a guessing game out of your site isn’t going to earn you a repeat customer.
  2. Too many places on the landing page that suggest visitors “click here.” They get it.  You want them to see what you’re offering, but it doesn’t help if you have multiple places that click to multiple pages since it’s a terrific way to disorient and annoy traffic on your site.  Keep it simple.  Keep it focused.
  3. Offering coupons is fantastic!  Using the search function on your site for a specific item and being taken to a page full of coupons for everything under the sun and having to search for the item you want to purchase isn’t.  A visitor can just as easily search a competitor’s site and get satisfaction from them.
  4. You have interested visitors on your site and you’ve got tons of fantastic information about what they want on the page, only there’s no clear way for them to figure out how to actually buy what you’re selling.  Not good.  There should always be a clear chain of events that’s supposed to happen.

Keep these few items in mind and you’ll have a pretty solid idea of the don’ts when it comes to landing pages.  As for the do’s, well, take another look at our own Trademark Productions Christmas Sale page and you’ll get the picture.

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