With the economic turmoil constantly threatening the survival of many businesses it is important to keep your online marketing initiatives moving forward and establishing an internet presence. Some businesses may think it is beneficial to make cuts to their marketing budget to help save funding. However, this is only neglecting the potential the internet has for an effective and efficient marketing campaign.

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Studies have shown that companies that invest in traditional or online marketing during a recession saw growth while those who cut their budgets saw a decrease in sales. Without the proper funds, resources, expertise, and focus, companies can turn to outsourced marketing to handle their marketing needs.

Companies can utilize outsourced marketing as full-service marketing department for a cost that is often less than a full-time employee. There is a cost-saving measure as marketing services continue to get more intricate in order to adapt to the economic environment. More and more companies are taking their marketing campaigns to the internet. The internet offers a plethora of marketing opportunities for companies. Establishing and maintaining an online marketing campaign in house doesn’t make sense for many companies when they can utilize an outsourced marketing firm. An outsourced marketing firm is going to have a better understanding and specialize in utilizing the internet for marketing initiatives. Chances have it they are going to be cost-effective and help increase your revenue while saving your business money.

A report assembled by the Brown-Wilson Group, “The Black Book of Outsourcing”, states that outsourcing is predicted to exceed the $3.5 billion mark in 2012, representing a 41% annual growth rate from 2008. Outsourced marketing allows companies to eliminate employee overhead and have a clear focus on developing their branding, advertising, and PR. An outsourced marketing agency can then translate all of these aspects onto the internet. A full-service outsourced online marketing agency will provide:

  • Online marketing strategy and delivery
  • Branding and positioning
  • Web sites and blogs
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Companies need to first figure out where they need help and then search for an outsourced marketing agency that specialize in those areas. With more and more people utilizing the internet for their inquiries it is imperative for companies to establish an Internet presence. Perhaps you only want to launch an online marketing campaign, but aren’t positive what it entails. If this is the case an outsourced online marketing agency is a great choice when you are looking for the best results on the Internet. Asking questions and finding the right answers is one of the best ways in finding an outsourced marketing partner. When you do find the right partner the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing can provide your company with a reliable and efficient alternative to an in-house marketing staff.

If you are interested in online marketing for your business, Trademark Productions can help you with all of your needs. Trademark Productions is established and highly experienced in all aspects of internet marketing from search engine optimization (SEO), consulting and training, to website design and development. For further information on how we can improve your online marketing please feel free to contact us.

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