We talked in our previous posting about how to generate an excellent blog.  Why?  Because we at Trademark Productions are all about blogs, as you can see from our own blog page.  We also offer blog and content management services to get you set up with a blog.  We know blogging.  We know SEO, but we also know blogging.  And since you’re now writing interesting content in your blogs that are keeping your visitors coming back, let’s take things one step further today with a little more information on how to help your blogs be friendly in the eyes of the search engines.

Blogging is simply one of the best ways to get information out there on the Internet.  The unique configuration of blogs also makes them easy to read and index by the search engines, and each time a new posting is made, search engines are invited to look at the new content.

You can make your blog as successful with the search engines as they are with your visitors if you take the time to do a little optimization.  Here are some suggestions to help you along and assist in the ranking process:

–  If you’re adding a blog page to an existing site, develop the blog on a subdomain since it will immediately be connected with the older domain that already has a page ranking.  Your postings will rank quicker in search engine results if you do this.
–  All of your postings should be optimized to have keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases will assist the search engines to find relevant results.  If your post title becomes your search title, you need to put even more thought into the title of your posting.  And if you’re expressing an opinion about something non-business related, put what you’re talking about front and center.
–  Try using plug-ins to help you optimize your blogs.  It can help you add a meta description, a unique title tag, and keywords.
–  Use the slugs to your benefit.  Posts slugs will put the title of your article inside the link.
–  Place pingbacks on your blogging software so you “ping” search engines when new content is added.  These “pings” invite search engines to look at your newly added content and assist search engines to spider your blog.  Pingbacks may already be a part of your blog software, so you’ll want to find this out before you begin posting.
–  Present your site to blog directories as well as the RSS feeds.

And don’t forget that if you have questions about any of these things, we can help.  Give us a shout out on our contact page.

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