SEO is a world composed of different opinions and techniques, all of which claim to help you achieve the SEO results you were looking for. Link building is just one aspect of SEO that is linked (pun intended) to different theories or techniques for success. How do we know that our link building attempts are truly helping out our SEO campaign? Ask around and I am sure you will get a plethora of different opinions and techniques.

We have our own techniques over here at TM, but I can’t just give them away. Okay, I’m not that stingy, I’ll share with you a thing or two about link building.

Here are several things you should know about links for SEO:

Utilize Different Link Types

  • Diversity is imperative when it comes to links – you want different people and different sites linking back to you.
  • If every single one of your links are all from relevant sites in your industry it could cause the search engines to think your link building was unnatural.
  • A quality backlink portfolio will include articles, press releases, directories, and blogs. Remember, the mix of link types together is going to help your link building efforts.

Same Thing for Anchor Text

  • Use multiple keywords within your anchor text to make sure your link building efforts look more natural.
  • Use variations of your keyword phrases. If you are having a sale try using something like, “End of Summer Sale” in place of your more routinely used keywords.
  • These links will help your entire campaign by making your efforts appear more natural and passing link juice to your site.

Have Links Relevant to Your Audience

  • It’s important to have relevant links to your site, but MORE important that these links are relevant to your site’s audience.
  • If the links appear relevant to the users on your site, then the search engines will recognize the purpose of the link.
  • Having a mix of links from relevant industry sites and other strong friendly sites is an effective approach.

Deep Linking Inside Your Site

  • When you are focusing on specific keywords for link building, it will be beneficial to link to the most relevant related page within your site.
  • If you are linking to a subpage it is important for that page to be optimized for the keywords you are focusing on.
  • This will also help you rank for the specific pages you want to on the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Content is still important to help your link building efforts. By deep linking into each page of your site all of your content will be indexed by the search engines.

With Links, Age Isn’t Just a Number

  • Recently Google began to put more value on the age of a link in order to battle spammers. Google needs to crawl a link a few times before it can determine its credibility, so give your new links 3-6 months to fully index.
  • Link age says a lot about your link building campaign and can determine how effective your backlink portfolio is for your site.
  • As you acquire new links their value will grow with their age, which will then increase more value to your site as a whole.

These link building strategies can often go forgotten when you are developing an SEO campaign focusing on links. Most of the time link builders are focusing on finding that one link; they forget that diversity is what is important. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to have high quality links, but it will help your efforts if your link building campaign looks organic and natural. Plus, if you are building your brand’s online presence doesn’t it make sense to have your links in more than one spot?

I understand it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused when it comes to finding link building techniques that work. It’s ok, we are here to help, feel free to contact us for help with your link building, SEO or anything else internet marketing related – we do it all.

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Posted by Julia from Fast Blog Finder

Thank you for great link building tips. I agree that it’s important to have the keywords in the anchor text when building links. And it’s more important to vary the anchor text from link to link. Firstly, this helps rank the website for different keyword phrases and secondly, this will make the links look natural in the “eyes” of search engines.

Posted on August 9, 2010 at 7:05 am

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