I may be the oldest person working in the Trademark Productions office, but at least I can brag that Cookie Monster is older than I am!  Just how much older remains a topic of debate since ol’ Cookie was originally shown in commercials back in 1966 before appearing on “Sesame Street” in 1969.  He may not have been part of the union in his early days, which would explain why he changed his name and went professional shortly after.

Hiring practices may have been a bit lax then, too, as can be evidenced by Cookie’s limited vocabulary.  No request for grade school information or a high school diploma is my guess, but he may have been receiving some tutoring since he began to recognize that “C” is for…you guessed it…cookie.  Or cash.  Maybe he’s actually bi-lingual and “cookie” really means “cash” in another language.  Of course, this may have been an act since Cookie let it slip in a song sometime during the early 2000s that his name used to be Sid.  Sid?  Doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on a website for Cookie Monster is a heck of a lot easier than doing it for Sid.

A simple Google search on the blue guy brings up hundreds of pictures, a plethora of web sites and even some unexpected surprises.  Like our famous connoisseur, Firefox offers its own version of Cookie Monster, an add-on that provides cookie management on a site or domain.  And what could be cuter than that?  How about television appearances on other shows and one in particular where Cookie is in rehab to stop his apparent addiction to the little round pieces of edible goodness?

Cookie Monster has appeared on Martha Stewart Living, the Muppets, been interviewed by Matt Lauer, seen with Annette Bening and featured in animation form.  He has Halloween costumes based on his likeness, mugs, plush toys, shirts, books and even building sets.  He is essentially his own brand and his face is known and loved the world over.  Let’s not forget that he also has an official Facebook page, MySpace page and a couple of Twitter feeds.

Unfortunately, Cookie has felt some growing pains with society over time and had to make that statement that cookies are “only sometimes food” when enough folks complained that our blue black-hole-for-cookies might be contributing to the obesity problem in the US.  I’m sure that’s a much bigger problem than, say, fast food?  Let me count the number of kids in a burger joint after work one day.  Don’t forget to read a copy of “Fast Food Nation” while we’re at it, then come back to the Cookie about his eating habits.

Not that I have an opinion on the matter.

So Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!  I’ll be visiting Mrs. Fields in your honor later today.

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