In celebration of Facebook’s 6th birthday, it was announced that there will be some new developments made to the social media giant. Facebook is redesigning their homepage, by adding new dashboards for games and applications and also rearranging the menu options. The new dashboards are meant to be personalized destinations for users to interact with their apps, receive app updates related to recent activity, and discover new ones.

So, why should you care about these changes? You should care because over 400 million people are currently on Facebook and the numbers are continuing to grow. Maybe the new redesign isn’t something you think will affect you or perhaps your business. However Facebook is where the people are and where businesses have an opportunity to become larger and more prominent. For this reason, it would seem beneficial for you to keep up with current trends, to know how and if changes may affect your business in some way. I predict that we will see more improvements on Facebook particularly when it comes to business development in the not so distant future. But that is just my prediction.

These new Facebook developments should not come as a surprise, seeing as the social media monster continues to grow and impact our lives (whether we like it or not). The new design and recent developments are meant to not only keep Facebook ahead of the game, but enhance the user experience.

Besides the redesign Facebook homepage, they are also launching a new webmail product, to essentially cut your current email out of the equation. This new webmail will allow you to receive notifications or friend requests directly, therefore enticing you to stay on Facebook even longer then you already do!

Facebook is also doing their best to become a more prominent news source. The more time users spend on this social media platform, the more convenient it will be to receive news feeds directly there. Bascially, Facebook is trying to make you find a reason to leave their network, and if everything is right there for you, then you never have to.

If these new developments work properly, and more people are staying on Facebook longer, don’t you think it would be smart to become more involved in this network?

Did you know that you can develop your own app to promote anything you want about your business? Well you can, and what’s cool is that now with this new design your app could potentially have a prominent spot on a user’s page. If you don’t feel like getting that crafty, then becoming active on Facebook is just another way to be where the people are and strengthen your overall brand. But remember, it’s not about just having a profile or a page, but engaging with other people and forming positive relationships.

Overall Facebook has a lot to celebrate and a lot to look forward to down the road. I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

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