Facebook has dominated the news over the past couple of weeks after making some BIG announcements about how they plan on expanding their presence all over the web. It seems like everywhere you turn there are more and more people talking about their new developments and trying to predict what the outcome will be. Facebook’s plans for world domination could mean great things for your business and could help it become a major threat for search engines, like Google, but it may not be so great for personal profiles.
Facebook Domination

By changing their “recommend” button to a “like” button; Facebook hopes to drive more traffic and provide more opportunities for businesses to be found by potential customers. Businesses would then be ranked more on popularity as opposed to certain SEO guidelines, which could make things very interesting. Facebook seems to be slowly eliminating the need to have Facebook Fan Pages altogether by putting the “like” button all over the web instead of “Become a Fan”. Why would you have a Facebook Fan Page, when you can direct people to your actual website?

What makes the new “like” button different than the “recommend” button is that instead of it showing up in a newsfeed, they will be listed on the users profile, creating a fixed link to your content. It is a possibility that these new changes could make Facebook a bigger threat to Google, if fewer people use search engines to find the information they are looking for. However, it is unlikely that search will be eliminated completely. Facebook seems to simply be creating a different way for people to obtain the information they need.

Lately, it seems like whenever I am searching for online news articles these Facebook decals are showing up all over the place encouraging me to recommend this and that, while also showing how many people, and if any of my friends have recommended a certain article. It’s a good concept, however, it almost makes one feel like they are trying to control your every move. I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about a social media site knowing so much about me and what I’m doing online at all times. But it seems that this is the direction the business is going in, which means either enough people have to hate it to make a change or we just have to follow along like sheep.

I just read another article that stated that Facebook is now linking to whatever they want to from your profile, without your permission. So say you are like me and put “Finding Nemo” as one of your favorite movies, then Facebook will automatically link to a page with everyone that has put Finding Nemo in their profile. You may have noticed a message when you logged into your account this week, telling you to suggest all these pages based off of what you had on your profile. Here’s why you need to pay attention to that message.

It seems to be that all these new Facebook changes will be great for businesses, but I’m not so sure about personal profiles. People might to start to feel violated, which could be a major problem if enough people feel that way. Only time will tell how everything will unravel, but it should be very entertaining to watch.

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