In case you haven’t heard, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the Facebook staff had a good reason to celebrate yesterday. What was the occasion? Oh, nothing too crazy, just that Facebook has now 500 million users. Yes that is right, 500 million users and probably more by the time this is posted.

ESPN decided to join in on the fun and help Facebook with the celebration. It’s not so much of a secret that the world of sports plays a large role in society. Still, the sports world and the internet have a relatively young relationship. Their relationship continues to grow with a big thanks to internet trends and social media. For instance, athletic franchises and their athletes alike are building websites, joining social networks, running online contests, promoting online, and etcetera. With that being said, there is an obvious connection between sports fans and the digital world.

Recognizing this, along with Facebook’s achievement of reaching 500 million users, ESPN gave fans a chance to share their stories through Facebook. They did this by launching a Stories tab on their Facebook fan page.

What a great idea! Let’s tap a network that consists of 500 million people and get them talking about sports, a topic that is always prevalent in society. It’s working too; people from all over the world are sharing their stories about sports and Facebook on ESPN’s fan page Stories tab.

The connection between sports and the internet is great for the fan. It develops a transparent world and allows us to see, read, and communicate with our favorite teams and players in ways that can only be done through the internet.

What are some of your thoughts on ESPN connecting with Facebook for users to share their stories? Also, how do you feel about the sports world and its use of the internet?

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