What happens when you put a powerhouse like England up against Algeria in the World Cup? They simply can’t score. What happens when Craig Hearn, developer at Trademark Productions takes a bet and gives a tie and a goal to Algeria with his boss? He loses, and has to by pizza for the whole office.

Ouch, don’t bet on England.

2 Responses to England is a Bad Bet: Craig Hearn

  1. yup, not a good bet to take. England, my team, cost me a lot of money. Stupid England soccer team! I will redeem myself, so be aware!

    Craig | June 25, 2010at 1:18 pm

  2. Yes, it was a bad bet Craig. Can’t wait to work out the conditionals of the parlay for USA and Germany this weekend.

    Dwight Zahringer | June 25, 2010at 1:23 pm

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