In our last “Because We Said So” blog, Trademark Productions took you through status updates, specifically adding keywords and links to your site. Why? Because this allows you to tie new trends, terms and topics in with your site’s blog. Which does, of course, follow how and why you want to optimize your social media profiles in the first place. And though it’s probably redundant to state why we’re doing this, it’s to generate search engine rankings that hopefully translate into sales. Feeling like you’re back in the loop again? Outstanding! Let’s move on.

Ideally, you have people in your business who are out there trying to find ways to get your business found. You also hopefully have a team of folks working on your social media. These two groups actually work hand in hand and can benefit from what each other does.

Let’s say that you have your website built and are now performing monthly maintenance on it. Where are you performing well in the search engines? What keywords or phrases are people finding you through? Is your site being updated to reflect where you were weak in the search engine results and also maintain where you came out strong? That’s hopefully the case and your team is succeeding in building a better SEO success story for you. Now, are they copying your social media folks in their results?

If your social media group knows what keywords the company is weak on, they can go to work incorporating some of those words in the social media profiles and status updates. Plus, if they’re also writing blogs for your site, they can start to incorporate those into there as well. The more organic keywords they can place, the better chances of the search engines picking up your efforts.

Is there a nice moral or warm fuzzy to take away from this? Yes. Make sure the lines of communication are open between the two teams. Look at those of us here at TM. We have hundreds of…well, a couple of ones, two people, actually, looking at our rankings and keywords each month. They analyze the data and hand it over to my team. Me. As in one person, really. The rest of my team exists only in my head, but we’re darn efficient at what we do!

The three of us then take that data and coordinate our efforts between blogs, site updates, our online profile and social media status updates. And if we’re really lucky, we’re even getting others to pass our information along, which builds links.

But that’s another story…

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