I remember a time when the family would gather around the television after feasting on our Thanksgiving dinner. We’d watch the news reporters interviewing people who’d started lining up outside stores during the holiday in anticipation of being the first through the door for Black Friday. We then laughed at them and pointed out how cold and somewhat goofy these folks must be all just to get a deal. Then we’d eat some pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream and head off to an almost-winter slumber stupor.

Yes, those are a special breed of shoppers, but there’s also a special midpoint breed of shoppers. These are the people who get up at 3am, drink their coffee, bundle up and head out to line up behind the folks who camped there the entire night just so they’d be ahead of those of us who slept in from our dessert-induced hibernation. And again, we thought it was quite amusing…until I became one of those people.

I tried a new way of shopping last year. An easier way. A more civilized way. The alarm went off at 4am—my wife and I allowed ourselves an extra hour of sleep—then we reached over, picked our laptops up, turned them on and proceeded to order all the items we wanted from various stores whose ads we’d read and for the prices we wanted, all to be picked up later in the day. We clicked and clicked, compared prices with each other and then clicked some more until we finally clicked ourselves into a shopper’s exhaustion, put our laptops down and went back to bed. And then we spent the afternoon driving around to various locations, breezing past the long lines until arriving at the pick-up counter and walking out without breaking into a sweat.

Is there a lesson in here for all of you website owners out there? Absolutely! It’s called the beauty of e-commerce software (link to e-commerce section of TM site) where there’s no need for your customers to leave the comfort of their home—or sometimes their bed—to go shopping. Businesses can take advantage of this kind of software by making their products available for purchase online, aka your site. Perhaps you have a brick and mortar store or you want to open an online retail site; this can all be done with e-commerce software. Best of all, we can help you with it.

TM’s e-commerce software, what we call the TM Shopping Cart, is a perfect option for companies and individuals looking to sell products online. TM has the capabilities of tailoring our software to meet the specific needs of your online business. Adding e-commerce to your site is a perfect way to increase sales and build upon your customer database. And with the approaching Black Friday cyber wars and holiday rush, why hesitate? You literally can have your whipped cream and eat it, too!

Give us a shout and let’s talk turkey…or e-commerce.

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