Over the past couple of months Bing has really been trying to gain some momentum on Google. Still it is no secret that Google is the dominant search engine, but Bing has made a new move in attempt to gain some market share.

Bing’s latest release of features focuses on entertainment and should keep their momentum moving forward. Bing plans on including music, TV, games, and movies all as a part of their entertainment feature.

What makes this significant is that these features are all designed so that the user doesn’t need to leave the Bing site. The user will be able to search and view content right through Bing, instead of having to search on another site.

To get a better understand of what exactly Bing is offering; let’s take a closer look at each of the four features.


Microsoft will now also be pushing the Zune through Bing. Bing will feature the Zune’s entire catalog of five-million plus songs for free streaming. Search song by artist, album, or title, and you will be able to stream it for free right there in the browser.

This is not a music free-for-all however. You can only listen to the song once and then it is reduced to a 30 second snippet, but Bing will give you the option to buy the song from Zune, iTunes, or Amazon.

Bing even goes further with more additions, including lyrics, photos, and tour dates for any artist that is searched. Users will be able to find this information all right there on Bing instead of having to go from website to website.


Bing makes it so you don’t have to go everywhere to watch your favorite television episodes. They have indexed the most popular online TV streaming services for searching that will allow you to play the show right there in the search engine.

Also, there is more to come. Bing is planning on including schedules and information from the user’s TV provider to let them know more about when their favorite shows are going to be playing.


Microsoft has a lot of experience when it comes to gaming and they are looking to transfer that over to Bing. The game section has something to offer for both the hardcore and casual fans. The hardcore fans will especially enjoy the cheats, walkthroughs, and reviews for over 35,000 games.

For the less intense gamers, Bing will provide 100 classic casual games that can be played right there on the browser. Also, there are added social features that will allow users to invite their friends from social networks.


Bing makes sure that all the information you needed for a movie that you might leave Bing to find is all available right there. For movies, you can find local theatres and show times, reviews, user feedback from Facebook and Twitter, nearby business and restaurants, and parking locations.

I can see this being an amazing feature for Bing, if they can provide these resources just as good as the specific websites aimed at music, TV, games, and movies services. In other words, Bing is going have to provide the features effectively so that a user is willing to stay there instead of going to a different source. Do you think Bing can pull this off and if so what are some other potential features or benefits Bing could use?

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