A Podcast is defined as a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded through web syndication. They are also viewed as a practical application that can be applied to any product or type of business and can reach a large audience.

Podcasts can be a great asset for your business to not only update your website with new information on a regular basis, but also help you build and maintain relationships with your community and potential customers.

Today I am going to review some of the benefits of podcasting and why businesses should consider starting one.

Reach a New Audience

A podcast is a great way to tap into a new audience. Even though most people might think that podcasts attract young, technologically advanced listeners, research has shown that a considerable amount of older people (ages 35 – 50) are also listening to them. Podcasts are accessible from anyone at any time which means you have the potential to reach people in a completely new way. People can listen to your podcast in their car, on their computer or on a walk around their neighborhood. This expands your reach and builds more awareness of you and your business.

Build Relationships with Listeners

Podcasts are also an excellent way to build relationships with your listeners. You could use your podcast to address frequently asked questions your customers might have or share information related to your industry to show your authority. If you are not providing any value to your listeners, then you shouldn’t start a podcast. If you are planning to use your podcast as just an advertisement or infomercial, then you will not receive many subscribers and your podcast will be a waste of time. The most successful podcasts are ones that offer advice or insight on the industry you are in.

Advertising Potential

Once your podcast becomes a hit, you might even be able to start selling ad slots. This is a great way to also attract more listeners and create more revenue. This makes your podcast even more worthwhile for your business.

Easy to Produce

Podcasts are easy to produce. All that is required is a microphone and some audio software for recording and editing. Once you have recorded your podcast, you can easily submit it to iTunes after you have created an rss feed. On iTunes you can create a channel for your podcast that is accessible by anyone. On this channel you can include any information you want listeners to know. New episodes will be automatically uploaded to iTunes once you have updated your rss feed. Learn more about what is required to submit your podcast here.

The main objective for creating a podcast is to attract subscribers who will listen to it on a regular basis. For this reason it is important to plan a schedule of when you will produce new podcasts. The more frequently you add more episodes to your podcasts, the better chance you have of increasing your subscribers and fan base. To learn the different ways to track your subscriptions please check out this website.

TM started a podcast series “TM Web Talk Radio Show” in the summer of 2009, talking to industry professionals about a variety of topics such as SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Link Building and more. Our objective was to provide listeners with more information about these topics and not only build awareness of TM, but develop us as a valuable resource. So far it has proven to be successful for us, which is why we recommend others looking into developing their own.

Contact TM if you would like help learning more about podcasts and how you can get started!

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