EVERYONE is talking about the launch of Apple’s iPad. So far the reviews have been pretty mixed. Some critics have said the iPad is limited in its capabilities. Since it does not support Flash, it is unable to run multiple apps at once, and it doesn’t have USB ports, while others have said the iPad could potentially change mobile business computing.


Mobility is currently the driving force in the consumer world. If people are increasingly using mobile devices to search the web, accessing their email and communicating with people through social media, then there is potential for the iPad, and I’m sure other similar products down the road, to become a dominant form of personal computing.

The iPad can best be described as a cross between a personal laptop and a smart phone. It is an excellent device for searching the web, emailing, and uploading photos and videos, but is it essential for businesses to utilize? Right now, I would say no. The popularity of the iPad will depend largely on how your business operates.

The limitations I mentioned previously could be a major turn off for most businesses. However, some argue that it can fulfill the normal everyday tasks professionals need to get their business accomplished. It could also be utilized by businesses with disabled employees, since their accessibility features are built in and it’s cheaper than other devices disabled employees have had to use in the past.

The potential for the iPad to be successful is definitely there, with some consumers simply becoming ecstatic just by touching one. But in time the excitement of this new product will wear down and the functionality of it will become the main focus of discussion. The iPad most likely will not replace desktops any time soon. That does not mean that there won’t be adjustments made to meet the demands of consumers and that it won’t one day become the “way of the future.”

The question is will you be investing in an iPad for your business? If not now, will you eventually?

I’m sure with the launch of the iPad tomorrow, April 3rd, this is only the beginning of a what could be a whole new world in personal computing.


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